Sunday, March 1, 2009

Periodic update

Pursuant to my new year’s resolutions, to spend less $ and stop picking my nails, I can report unqualified success in the later. Trouble is, I have to keep trimming them now with the clippers.

My Hungarian mustache is now one month old. Unfortunately, my facial hair is not as dark as my head or eyebrow hair. There’s a lot of red in my face (The influence perhaps of Celts hurtling out of middle Eurasia, since it took them some time to get to the Atlantic fringes. Or the milkman? Nobody else in my immediate family has or had red hair.) so the ’stache is light, which makes it look less substantial. Seven weeks to go.

My first appointment with Zina Saunders came to naught when she cancelled on account of being sickly.

I’ve come to the conclusion that cargo pants are the only pants worth wearing. Sibley and Peterson both fit into them. As do a half dozen of the small Bromo bottles. All kinds of party supplies, too. Ladies, I’ve seen some very stylish ones for your team. The pocket gussets (?) were orange.

In Theodora Goes Wild, the telegraph man in a small Connecticut town says “Cheese and crackers!” when the scandal starts coming over the wires. I’d never heard that one before. It's almost as good as "Jesus Hussein Christ!" In 1936’s Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Longfellow Deeds has to tell the judges about to pronounce on his sanity what “doodling,” as on paper, means. The Shorter OED seems to concur, giving it a mid-20th century derivation.

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