Thursday, February 26, 2009

The little waters of life

My flavored vodka experiments lined up in a row on the very limited space of the kitchen counter: From the left: vanilla bean, ginger, and vanilla/cinnamon. I like to mix the vanilla bean with OJ. Yum! It was one and a half beans to about 3/4's of a 750ml bottle, the beans split and scraped, left to sit for a week and a half. For the ginger, my second try at this one, I grated the ginger for a change of pace. This makes the flavor particularly strong, as I suspected it might, but I am a little disappointed in the resulting color. The v/c owes its color to a cinnamon stick and goes very well with cider. I filtered them all through my gold coffee filter and they are now sitting in the freezer awaiting your visit.


knithound brooklyn said...

In another lifetime I used to frequent a place called Khin Khao on Spring St. There I had my first ginger vodka and it was amazing. I love all things ginger.

Matthew said...

It's gingery hot & spicy and I've been mixing it with OJ. Umm!