Monday, September 15, 2008

What lies beneath

The Adventuress clued us into the Conflux events of the weekend, so we joined her for a walk following one of the underground watercourses of Manhattan. We went hunting for the Minnetta, that old Devil Water, which still courses down Fifth Avenue and under Washington Square Park before heading towards the Hudson through the Village. Our guide was a sewer rat named Steve Duncan.
There are two micro parks at the western end of Canal St, and a marker letting us know what it once looked like.
Somehow, this manhole cover slipped out of its socket, and we glanced down at the rushing water surging towards the river.
Just north of Canal Street, at low tide, you can see these outflows of the sewer system. Further inland are flap-like sea gates to prevent tidal surges from pushing the shit back into the luxury apartments that have such a lovely view of the tunnel traffic thereabouts.
Bird sculptures looking towards Jersey.

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