Friday, September 12, 2008

Morning in the Park

An early morning pass through Prospect Park revealed a Canada warbler, wood ducks, green herons downy woodpecker, and plenty of thrushes. On the Terrace Bridge, a woman running towards me made me do a double-take because she looked like she was wearing a kimono. Turned out to be a dress, the runner Orthodox Jewish, only her hands and face uncovered.

Meanwhile, everything is ripening. Hickories, buckeyes, chestnuts, oaks...
Not sure what kind of oak these come from. Anybody know?

Close up of an osage orange. They are ready to rain down, so watch your heads.


Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Those acorns look like those of the Bur Oak:

"The acorns of this species, distinguished by very deep fringed cups, are the largest of all native oaks....Bur oak is the Northernmost New World Oak." (Nat'l Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees).

amarilla said...

Good to know! Where did you find them, Mthew?

They've been doing a bit of deep tissue on my visual cortex, always a good thing.

M.Thew said...

GGP: It's not a bur oak, nor to be found anywhere in that field guide. Leaves are most un-oaky. Sort of American chestnutty, but not a chestnut oak, either.

A: the most accessible of the osage orange trees is just to the south of the Neathermede Arches, the tree with two trunks held together with an iron bar, at the meeting of the paths.