Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here & There

The Lotto Lady who sat next to me on the bus on Saturday said that the vendors made 6 cents for every dollar sold, and that the state lottery authority, for which she worked, took another 6% to run the biz. She didn’t tell me how to win, unfortunately; but she did agree that it was a sucker’s game. Nonetheless, it did pass my mind to buy a ticket on the way home from the Port Authority, on the theory that luck was a (Lotto) lady…. I’ll never know though, since I didn’t.

While I was away, all the ginkgo leaves here fell. While there, I watched The Awful Truth: Jean Arthur, always a favorite, looked great in Ronald Coleman’s pajamas; and with her hair down, released from one of those absurd Forties pile-ups, o my.

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