Sunday, November 25, 2007


Every once and awhile, some very inobservant person asks, are you that actor on Law and Order? Guy buying half a pound of pancetta at Murray’s Cheese today was the latest of these deluded cases. I’ve never seen the show, but gather they mean Richard Belzer. (Surely not the Creature from the Black Lagoon, who is now sagging in the polls, much like his jowls.) Frankly, I’m a tad insulted, since I’m much better looking than Mr. Belzer. Plus, I’ve got both my boys.

What kind of person is impressed by their resemblence to a celebrity?

At Murray’s I purchased quarter pounds of Meadow Brook Grayson, a raw Jersey cow’s milk from Virginia; Major Farms (VT) Shepherd, a sheep’s milk cheese aged for 4 months; and the raw cow’s milk Tomme Cayeuse, all grotty and delicious. Cheese, as someone wise said, is milk’s leap into immortality.

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