Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sundry Sunday

A drawing I did a couple of years ago.

Several inches of snow and other forms of cold precipitation fell Friday. Yesterday was full of bright sunshine, so the un-shoveled snow turned into grey slop the texture of granita.

I walked over to BAM yesterday to catch another Imamura film, The Pornographers. A self-styled “anthropologist,” Imamura begin this exploration of a low-level pornographer/pimp in gritty fictional realism and ended in fantasy, the protagonist floating out to sea in house-like barge with his “Dutch wife,” his simulacrum of the perfect woman. But I knew something strange was on its way after the first shot thought the carp’s aquarium….

There was an anti-war demo this afternoon, marking the 4th anniversary of Bush’s illegal, immoral, incompetent, and failed war in Mesopotamia. Tens upon tens of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands wounded, millions displaced; “Iraq” largely rendered back into the three provinces of the Ottoman Empire that the Brits jury-rigged together in an effort to control the oil. Control of that oil is still the point. Having lost the war, the Imperium’s main issue is how to maintain its permanent military presence in the Middle East. The GOP’s main issue is how salvage its political power by exploiting the American military personnel still there. The Democrats? Still cowering….

I went and met a friend, but when it developed that we would be waiting nearly an hour for the thing to start, we broke off and went our own way. The drums were getting to us. Gorgeous day walking down 5th Avenue into the sun.

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