Monday, March 19, 2007

Bachelor Index

Some facts about me:

Year of Birth: 1963
Average height in bare feet: 5’10”
Average weight in obscure English measure: 11 stone
Hair length: longish
Hair color: brown/brunette with strands of black and advancing white and retreating red (photo not representative)
Eyes: two, green/hazel, with specs (4 eyes being twice as good as 2)
Facial hair: generally clean-shaven (especially with the advance of white stubble on the chin)
DNA: European-ancestry, the usual mongrel, with possibly a more recent African connection than other pale hominids of my stripe

Times married: 0
Times engaged: 1
Number of women lived with (as lovers): 2
Number of women lived with (as roommates): 6
Number of women slept with: 14
Number whose names I can't remember: 1 (sorry)


Anonymous said...

define sleep

Anonymous said...

or sleep with