Monday, March 8, 2010

Face-planted garden gnome.
The rules for the garden plots state that they must all be organic. This farmer of plastic heads seems to be violating the rules.
Whee! The weather was wonderfully mild. From Floyd Bennett we crossed Flatbush to take in Dead Horse Bay, which, as always, surprises. This is an old Brooklyn Bottling Co. 7Up bottle shard. (The most extraordinary find, by N., will be the subject of a later post.)
Lundy Bros. was a storied Sheepshead Bay seafood restaurant. I am guessing they didn't originally serve these tiny critters, which were alive in the cup.
On the bay, an enormous flock of greater scaup hadn’t gotten the "spring is here" memo. Once they do, they will fly up north, way up north, to nest. I'll be posting the natural history field notes for the day over at the Backyard.

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