Friday, January 1, 2010

The year in birds, 2009

(In Brooklyn unless otherwise noted)

Jan 1: Rock dove, House sparrow, European starling, Ring-billed gull
Jan 3: American kestrel, American crow, Red-tailed hawk
Jan 4: Blue jay, Downy woodpecker, Hermit thrush, American robin, White-bellied nuthatch, Mourning dove, House finch, Red-bellied woodpecker, Northern cardinal, Black-capped chickadee, American goldfinch, Tufted titmouse, Gray catbird, Song sparrow, Herring gull, Great black-backed gull, Mute swan, Canada goose, American coot, Mallard duck, Northern shoveller, Pied-billed grebe, White-throated sparrow, Winter wren, Hairy woodpecker, Brown creeper, Monk parakeet
Jan. 5: Northern mockingbird, Brant
Jan. 9: Ruddy duck, Bufflehead, Great blue heron, Ring-necked duck, Fox sparrow
Jan. 11: American tree sparrow, Double-crested cormorant, Red-breasted merganser
Jan 13: (JBWR) Snow goose, Dark-eyed junco, Hooded merganser, American wigeon, American black duck, Yellow-rumped warbler, Lesser scaup, Fish crow
Jan 14: Cooper’s hawk, Horned lark
Jan. 17: Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Red-breasted nuthatch
Jan 19: Gadwell
Jan 21: Common merganser
Jan 23: Great horned owl
Jan 26: Long-tailed duck, Horned grebe
Jan 27: Eastern Towhee
February 7: (Croton Point) Northern harrier, Bald eagle, Northern flicker, Peregrine
February 14: Common grackle, Red-winged blackbird
February 21: (NYBG) Saw-whet owl*,Turkey
March 22: Eastern phoebe, Golden-crowned kinglet
April 10: Blue gray gnatcatcher, Pine warbler, Swamp sparrow, Louisiana waterthrush
April 12:Ruby-crowned kinglet, Black-crowned night heron, Belted kingfisher, Great egret, Palm warbler, Turkey vulture, Carolina wren
April 18: Chipping sparrow
April 19: Black and white warbler
April 22: Brown-headed cowbird
April 23: Blue-headed vireo, Green heron, Black vulture, Northern parula, Northern waterthrush
April 24: Wood duck
April 25: ((Minnewaska SP) Eastern bluebird, Common raven
April 26: Prothonotary warbler, Black-throated Green warbler, Blackburnian warbler, White-eyed vireo
April 27: Scarlet tanager, Blue-winged warbler, Cerulean warbler, Yellow-throated vireo, Eastern kingbird, Common yellowthroat, Yellow warbler, Prairie warbler, Osprey
April 28: (Central Park) Field sparrow, Veery, Black-throated blue warbler, House wren, Baltimore oriole, Magnolia warbler, Ovenbird, Chimney swift
April 30: Laughing gull, Cedar waxwing, Hooded warbler, Nashville warbler, Barn swallow
May 1: American bittern, Northern rough-winged swallow
May 5: Brown thrasher
May 6: American oystercatcher, Willet, Chestnut-sided warbler
May 7: Rose-breasted grosbeak, Worm-eating warbler
May 8: American redstart, Bay-breasted warbler, Spotted sandpiper
May 10: (JBWR)Glossy Ibis, Tree swallow, Common tern, Snowy egret, Tricolored heron
May 11: (FT Tilden) White-winged scoter, Indigo bunting
May 12: Wilson’s warbler, Solitary sandpiper
May 14: Blackpoll warbler, Orchard oriole, Swainson’s thrush, Wood thrush
May 20: (Nantucket, MA) Piping Plover
May 21: (Nantucket, MA) Northern gannet
May 25 (Bradford, MA) Killdeer, Least sandpiper
June 1: (JBWR) Little blue heron, Yellow-crowned night heron, Boat-tailed grackle, Semipalmated sandpiper
June 6: Least tern
June 7: Great-crested flycatcher
June 17: (JBWR) Black skimmer, Gull-billed tern, Forster’s tern
June 22: Clapper rail, Marsh wren*
July 19: (Nantucket) Savannah sparrow, Bank swallow, Semipalmated plover
August 8: (JBWR) Lesser yellowlegs, Black swan* (probably escapee), Marbled godwit, Whimbrel, Ruddy turnstone, Short-billed dowitcher
August 30: (Newton, NH) Ruby-throated hummingbird, Red-shouldered hawk
September 4: (Nantucket) Merlin, Black-bellied plover, Sanderling, Greater yellowlegs
September 18: Lark Sparrow*
October 20: (Ft. Tilden) Surf scoter
November 7: (Chincoteague NWR) White Ibis*, Carolina chickadee*, Tundra swan*, Royal tern*, Brown-headed nuthatch*, Common loon, Black scoter
November 8: (Bombay Hook NWR) Barred owl*, Northern pintail
November 12: (Nantucket) Common eider
186 species
*= life bird

And today, 1/1/10: Mourning dove, European starling, Rock dove, House sparrow, Ring-billed gull

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