Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will cook for socks

D'oh! I always forget to take pictures of the finished product. What with the guests, the conversation, the drink in my hand, the unnaturalness of hey, everybody stop, I've got to take a picture for the blog. I did manage this prep shot, of the country ham, peas, and onions that would go on to flavor the souffle di tagliatelle, which essentially turned out to be a noodle casserole; in fact, yum, the apotheosis of noodle casserole. The salty, unctuous, delicious ham came from the Adventuress, whose father sends it to by the ton over the holidays.
Late last year, I had proposed to Lisa, the Knithound, who I met via blogging, that I'd make her and hers dinner for a pair of knit socks. Voila!
Gentleman's Fancy, as the pattern is known. The gentlemen pose their socks. Jose on the left, me on the right. The flash isn't doing justice to the colors.
This is an old school, Victorian, pattern. They are very comfy. I am wearing them now. Good blogging socks. (True, it's the internet, but I am wearing the usual complement of clothing as well.)
Dinner started with little toasts painted in garlic oil and farmer's market goat cheese feta, with slices of watermelon radish that were eaten like potato chips (swiftly). The souffle/casserole was served with a raw golden beet salad. Dessert was an apple crisp with Swedish cream, that wicked concoction of whipped cream and sour cream. I'd say this was one excellent night of bartering and bantering.


Beth said...

Your dinner sounds heavenly! I wish I knew how to knit -- I'd offer to trade socks for a meal like the one you described. Bon appetit!

knithound brooklyn said...

I can't believe we forgot to take pics of dinner! I guess we were pretty hungry. Thanks for a wonderful meal! Wear the socks in good health!