Saturday, January 9, 2010

Move your money

There’s an effort afoot to “move your money” out of the big banks into local savings & loans/credit unions in response to the outrageous conduct of the “too big to fail” grifters & looters. Considering the megabanks have more than succeeded in “regulatory capture,” i.e. gaming the system and buying the politicians, it’s one of the things a politically -alienated citizenry can do to fight back.

Personally, I’ve used credit unions for decades now because I don't want to be a associated with criminals (and their outrageous fees!). Still, I gotta support these johnny-come-lately activists. A little inconvenience (I don’t have an ATM on every block) is nothing to the satisfaction of not being aligned with thieves, money-launderers, and red-liners. The Move Your Money website -- which has a local bank-finder -- has a re-mix of It’s A Wonderful Life playing up the contrast between honest George Bailey and the plutocratic Mr. Potter, but I much prefer the old SNL parody version, in which the townsfolk attack Mr. Potter. Unfortunately, I couldn't find this clip on the web for your enjoyment.

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