Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cobalt Blue

Latest addition to the collection of blues is this Brioschi bottle. The glass was made by the same manufacturers as the Bromo blues, the Maryland Glass Corporation. Like bromo-seltzer, Brioschi is an antacid, for upset tummies. (While my guts have been in an uproar on occasion, I've never taken an antacid in my life.) Brioschi is an Italian company started in 1907 to make chemicals, spirits, and "related products." Their American branch is in New Jersey, land of a thousand chemicals, and they still make the stuff, only now it comes in plastic bottles of an uninspired blue. Sic transit...

1 comment:

YourFireAnt said...

Those beautiful blues... Very evocative, that photo.

My mother gave us chamomile tea for upset tummy. Why would you want to counteract the acid in your tummy? It's what digests stuff.