Tuesday, July 1, 2008


You know the movie: it's a black and white night and your gat is still smoking in your trench coat from that unfortunate incident with the Swede when you walk into the bar; there's a frail with gams like daggers lolling on a stool and your head feels like it was slugged by the Empire State Building, but it's your tummy that's really acting up; you flop at the bar and order a Bromo.Emerson Drug Co. Bromo-Seltzer bottles. Three sizes. All blue, but not all cobalt blue. Pre 1956, I think, when the company was sold. Once upon a time filled with antacid. Mix with water (?) and drink. Belch.
What a color!
Alexander Theroux has an essay on blue in his The Primary Colors, but William H. Gass’s “On Being Blue” is better.

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