Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Single-Payer NOW

Well, as I never tire of saying, voting is mostly a sham. It's the pressure afterwards that counts, especially in a system so gamed towards money.

67 million Americans voted for you, and you let fucking Max Baucus and that hayseed Chuck Grassley walk all over you? Where's our single-payer? Demand it here at the White House.

Wonder what a Blue Dog Democrat is? Basically a Republican, without the mad-dog psychosis. You can e-mail them here and ask them what they've done with the millions they've gotten from the insurance companies.

Not sure what a Baucus is? A guy with 349,000 votes from Montana who gets to tell us 50 million uninsured that it's more important for his campaign fund, as he gets most of his money from out of state, to make sure we have no single-payer, or public option. Fuck that. Make him walk the party line or throw him out.

Health care is a right. It is not a commodity.


AoteaWriter said...

Coming from a small island-nation on the bottom of the world - and a place that's enjoyed the benefits of so-called "socialised" medicine since, well, forever, it mytifies me why so many of you lovely Americans find the idea of healthcare as right so difficult. I don't know the political machinations that are going on re universal healthcare in the USA... but I can't help but think the wants of the greedy overtook the rights of the needy an awfully long time ago. Hit the streets with placards held high, Mt Brooklyn: universal healthcare will return more to your country than it will ever cost.

Matthew said...

I agree completely, except for the fact that many of my fellow Americans are far from lovely.