Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog days

The symphony of the dog days is going on all around us. The cicadas are roaring. It's all that keeps me sane after descending into the hot bowels of the subway (59th St. Lex express station today, the neighbor of hell).
One Callery pear in Cobble Hill Park this afternoon had at least ten cicada nymph exoskeleton husks on it. Hell of a tree.
Is this a good year for these dog day cicadas? It does seem louder than last year. Tibicen canicularis is also known as the dog-day harvesfly. Saw one flying yesterday, another today, both on Amity Street, lumbering critters, the helicopters of the bug world. So far, no shots of this year's generation, but here's last year. And here, their mortal enemy, the cicada killer wasp. Scroll down for both pages.

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