Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sharecropper Week 10

Purple Bean... isn't that a Prince song? "I only wanted 2 see u under the purple bean..."

Has it been ten weeks already? This week I was interviewed for a documentary on the project, about which you can find more here. Upcoming in September will be a harvest festival for all the parcel-donors/keepers/sharecroppers.

Speaking of harvest festivals, Lefferts House, also a Sharecropper site, and location of the Three Sisters Garden, is having one 9/12.

The Friday night before that, 9/11, is the Cricket Crawl, an overnight aural/geographical survey of crickets and katydids living in the five boroughs. I never heard a true katydid until last year, under the Palisades.

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amarilla said...

So pretty! What amazing joy that could be, watching katydids at night. I feel better already.