Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sharecropper has landed

I joined the Sharecropper and her friend Sara this morning at GalleryThe on Smith St to plant cucumbers. Then we came to my place to plant several varieties of heirloom beans (above). Then we went over to Lefferts Homestead where we put in some pumpkins, next to Christina Kelly’s Three Sisters plantings.
Sharecropper, also known as Leah Gauthier, installed one micro-farm parcel yesterday in Manhattan, and has a dozen more to go, in all five boroughs. Here’s Alicia Kachmar’s piece on the project.
Some of the varieties: French climbing, black valentine, marifax. The planters are made of stainless steel mesh.


OrientSee said...

Where do the mesh stainless steel planters come from? I'd be interested in buying or making some.
I enjoy your blog enormously.

Matthew said...

Thank you for your comment, OS. Leah made the planters from mesh she purchased online, then stitched together. I believe these were made for an earlier project with melons at the DeCordova Musuem, so they are reusable. I'll ask her for her source and post it.

Matthew said...

The mesh comes from It is not easy to sew. However, a couple of women recently have said to me they'd be very interested in a dress made of the stuff, so budding designers take note!

eternalsunshine said...

Thanks for the linkage! Such a small world. When planting the watermelons, Leah mentioned you and I said, "I know him!"