Sunday, June 14, 2009


There were four eyases this year at the 55 Water Street peregrine scrape. One crash landed on its maiden flight the other day and was taken up the Animal Medical Center to see if any bones were broken. I went over today to see if I could see anything. From down below by the entrance to the heliport, I watched one eyas flap its wings mightily on the perch set up above the covered scrape. It turned, fanning out its tail, and giving me a great view of the white tips of the tail feathers. (I was too busy watching to get out my camera at the time. ) A little later it (I think it was the same one) perched on the edge of the ledge and madly waved its wings again, as if daring itself to launch into the unknown. Then it ducked out of view and I waited a while, but nothing else was to be seen for almost half an hour. As I started to walk north, I saw something way up high and thought that it didn’t look like a seagull. It was a peregrine, and there were two more up there as well, very high but definitely falco. Overexposed, but you can see all the falcon shit running down the ledge. They will not soil the nesting space, but down below, look out! Also note the two cameras, one inside the scrape, for your falconcam viewing pleasure.

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