Monday, August 31, 2009

In New Hampshire

One of my fair companion’s aunt/uncle combinations have a home in southeastern New Hampshire. It’s a 1720 farmhouse, restored, remodeled, with a massive Georgian fireplace holding the whole thing together. (Across the street, a Yankee farmer lives in the Sears Roebuck house his people ordered from the catalog a century ago.)
In the dinning room.
There were plants and animals galore, with pictures of all the natural history to follow in days to come. Included in the wild menagerie were at least ten garter snakes living in the stonewall outside the kitchen.

The place was once an orchard. The floor boards are insanely wide, from trees that no longer exist. There is graffito from 1824. It was too early to see the snapping turtles emerging from their nests.

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Dorissa said...

Nice photo w/ the mirror!