Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiny miracles

We have two types of whelks in our parts, the channeled and the knobbed. They reproduce via a string or chain of egg capsules, which is anchored to the sand. Often, however, the chains end up washed ashore: If you're me, you knew this already. This is one of the segments of the chain above: I learned last week, after a lifetime of seeing these things on the beach, that each of these segment is filled with baby (1/8 inch long) shells:
Perhaps two dozen in each segment. Wonders will not cease.


amarilla said...

So. Amazing.

I discovered the shell nurseries a long time ago but had forgotten. The picture sent me back in time.

In Buddhist iconography certain shells (conch) represent Buddha's thoughts. So from a certain point of view your bottom image suggests Buddha's mind. Or not. But let me revel for a bit in a representation of a mind full of delicate, fragile things that spiral in on themselves.

Matthew said...

And also open out....