Thursday, January 8, 2009


Resolution number one was to stop picking my nails. My right hand nails look better, but it’s the lefties I photographed last week so it’s the lefties I show today. Some tiny progress has been made... look at that pinky! Visible cuticle. The weekend was tough, cold turkey, and yes, I fell off the wagon, gouging away at the ring finger there. (The ring finger? Hmmm, tell me more, says the therapist.) I'd forgetten that once the nails get long they become constantly dirty.

Remember when I sent an email to Pete Hamill asking about the Numbered Bushes of Prospect Park? (No? Well, don’t worry; it’s not your job to remember my obsessions.) There’s been no response at all from that quarter, so I asked the reference department at the Brooklyn Public Library to look into it. Today I received an email from one of the BPL librarians, and she admits being stumped. The mystery continues. By the way, I love librarians, being one my self in a past life. (And no, it’s not that taking the eyeglasses off and releasing the pinned up hair nonsense. Well, maybe it it is a little....)

Resolution number 2, spend-less-money. I’ve spent… uh, my tally has already fallen off. I hate record-keeping. Excluding rent, I’ve spent just under $300 in the first week of the month. That's bad. Of course that includes re-upping a weekly magazine subscription for 2 yrs @ $99, and $15 for the test packet for the state wildlife rehabilitator’s license I want to get. Two bottle of booze set me back $50, but I'm a sipper not a glugger so they'll last a while, and so much cheaper than a bar. The easy things to stop buying, like taxi rides and daily java hits (coffee can be made at home so much more cheaply) are things I don’t bother much with anyway. Eating out, another money-vacuum, is something I do infrequently anyway: I did buy lunch out once this week: $5 for a street vendor.

I can say that the $11 spent last night at the Film Forum (membership has its privileges) for two tickets to Bigger Than Life was well worth it. That’s one of the best deals in town.

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