Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Fish pin from Brooklyn Flea, for my niece.

Yes, it’s cold! And it’s about time, too. The 65 degrees we hit this past weekend was freakish and unheimlich. I broke out my big coat for a lunch-time saunter along the Promenade today. The clarity of light over the Inner Borough was well worth it. Down below, along the waterfront, sea ducks bobbed and workmen dismantled that dumbass Waterfalls tower. Ciao, Bloomberg Corporate Art! An “Arctic Dome” is being promised for tonight by the weather goofs. Whatever that is, it sounds delicious! (Cue cackling and rubbing of hands in glee of anticipation.) I know plenty of people howl in agony over the cold -- proving little more than that they don’t know how to dress, or are in too dire straits to do so, and I’m not making fun of them, needless to say -- but I love it. Makes me feel alive, alive! Cue Colin Clive in the original Frankenstein.

Plus, your baby always needs to be hugged harder when its cold, and that's a win-win.


knithound brooklyn said...

Now's the time when all that KNITTING comes in super handy!

M.Thew said...

You know it! Knitting, and dogs piled up on the bed.