Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Mementos continued

When I used the word memento in the title below, I thought I'd cleverly post the weekend updates in reverse order, Friday first, but the best laid plans of mice and bloggers being what they are....

An intrepid Adventuress took these photos of the Mend opening Friday night.I think the wine had run out by this point.
The lost medicine cabinet.


amarilla said...

Well, the Adventuress must drink her Moxie. Nice medicine cabinet! I was wondering where it was when I was there yesterday and then realized I was standing right next to it, having become mesmerized by that tooth collection. By the way, I took one of those little blue pills, thinking they were mother's little helpers. Sorry!

M.Thew said...

"Kids are different today, I hear every mother say"

I'm glad you liked the cabinet. After those teeth, you probably could have used an asprin, too. I think the real potion is the liquid in the bottle whose cap has rusted shut.