Monday, October 20, 2008

More Weekend Mementos

Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis.At places, there was no beach to pass by, so big and wide were the waves.
The little ones are sanderlings, the big guy on the right is a black-bellied plover.
The public bathrooms at Jacob Riis beach. I mean, when was the last time you thought toilet architecture was pleasant?
Gil Hodges Bridge back to Brooklyn. Little bit of pain to get here, taking the 2 train to Brooklyn College Flatbush Ave, it's last stop, then continuing down Flatbush on the Q35, but it only takes an hour.

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Bluebird of Friendliness said...

I took shelter under the eave of that beach bathroom a few months ago. My husband and I scootered over the bridge to explore and got caught in a brief thunderstorm. What a nice beach!