Monday, September 8, 2008

There and here

This may be a little incoherent because I was up at 4:30 this morning. But to backtrack: for the second weekend in a row, we found ourselves on Staten Island. The ferry is one fine way to cross the harbor, even when it is full of tourists who go over, disembark, and then run to catch the return boat. We headed to South Beach on the S51 to beachcomb, and to look back at the bridge...
There were rafts of dead horseshoe crabs, including this one with the mutant telson.
Still a lot of lion’s mane jellyfish flopping around in the surf.
And then this morning, I went to help out some people in Prospect Park net and band birds for a Wildlife Conservation Society project. I’ll write about this some more later. Behind the fences in the Ravine, I found this evidence of a leprechaun convention.
Worth two in the bush, or so they say. This is a thrush, either a Swainson's or a veery, I'm forgetting which. I'm holding it to make sure the pinprick from a blood sample seals up. We netted about 40 birds (catbirds and robins were not being studied, so they didn't count).

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