Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation insects

This blue mud dauber was hanging out at the pool in Bradford, MA, as well as the flowering mint.
A great golden digger wasp living up to its name on the Far Away Island. The ground was pretty sandy, as you'd expect from glacial till, so digging a nest in it seemed a rather Sisyphean task.
Mason wasp in the Bradford mint.
This red dragonfly isn't in my Field Guide to Insects & Spiders of North America. Sunning itself at a homemade ice cream parlor in Bradford. There were goats and a red-headed (wooled) sheep there as well as, overhead, two red-tailed hawks, one of them a very noisy juvenile still wanting to be fed by mom and dad.

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amarilla said...

Are you sure you took that top one in Massachusetts and not in outer space? Looks like that dauber is riding an asteroid though some sort of solar flare. Very cool.