Monday, June 16, 2008

Stately, plump

So we started in the BBG on Saturday, as the bumblers below attest. Then, not too much later, we were walking along Avenue U, from Homecrest (E. 16th St) to Gravesend (MacDonald Avenue). Must admit, I’d never even heard of Homecrest. It was a very Brooklyn walk, and so much more varied then my neck of it. Off the Q train’s Avenue U stop, there’s a block that’s a mini-Chinatown, complete with the broiling hot day open-air fish market smell, with a Greek pharmacy thrown in for good measure. Then we crossed Coney Island Ave, and everything was closed for the sabbath and pretty much deserted. Can you boink on the sabbath or is that considered work, too? Across Ocean Parkway, and the names started to end in vowels. Went to Eagle Cheese at 320 Avenue U, right by the F-train stop, for some mozzarella, salt-cured anchovies, prosciutto di Parma and homemade salami, which all contributed to dinner.

Saw Encounters at the End of the World on Friday at the Film Forum, because I do so love Herzog, and Celine & Julie Go Boating on Sunday at BAM, because I’ve always wanted to see it. That was some satisfying movie going. Guy at work today was waxing on the tech-geekitude of Iron Man. I often feel like I come from another planet.

That kestrel nest I spotted last week on 15th Street, Inner Borough, has been confirmed by the folks doing the nesting survey. The bracket of a cornice is technically a modillion, and they make fine nests once they've been breached by time and weather. Meanwhile, here’s an article on the 55 Water St. peregrines, who have had a good year, considering. This guy, meanwhile, keeps a raptor tab on the northern end of Manhatta, with plenty of pictures.

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