Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lunch Art

Self-portrait in a Court St. window. The work is by N. Kassel, man with a sewing machine, at 209 Court St. Windows Brooklyn is on, and I took in a couple of exhibits at lunch. There are 27 storefront-exhibit spaces on Court & Smith, which is a bit much to do all at once, so I’ll be checking out more of these in coming days.

I very much like L. Gauthier’s work in general, and her Cabbage at 119 Smith hangs suspended in the air like a memory of the farms that once blanketed this western end of Paumanok. And it looks like a drought has struck the ghost villages of Brooklyn! Which is ironic, because behind this work is a video about New Orleans’ relationship with water. Water, water, everywhere, yet not a drop to drink.

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