Friday, May 16, 2008

Art, Brownies

Went art slumming last night in Red Hook. At the Kentler International Drawing Space, a benefit with $200 tickets entitling you to a drawing of a number that marked your place in the art selection. Numbers were announced consecutively, so #1 got to pick his or her choice of the 169 donated works on paper. Number 169 got whatever work was left on the wall. The works I liked lasted until about #60 or so, surprisingly enough (there is no accounting for taste, of course). Here are some of the artists whose work interested me. Only the last image, a photogravure, was one of the works last night:
Meredith McNeal

Beverly Ress

Beth Ganz

I didn’t have a number; I’d come as art consigliere for X (The Mysterious Artist), who had donated a work. Also as his official food taster (the samosa were pretty good and the wine was definitely not poisonous, but can we stop putting fancy salt on brownies already?). The woman who captured X's artwork said “Oh” when he introduced himself to her as the artist. Clearly she was overawed.
Zuckermanstalking: it's Yiddish I think, but see what Teddy Vegas says about it as he follows Philip Roth around the Upper West Side.

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