Thursday, January 3, 2008


For me, it’s Anybody But Clinton in tonight’s Iowa Caucuses. The center-right corporatist, who’s done almost nothing in the Senate but plot her political viability (voting for Bush’s war and more weapons of death to show she’s “tough” on defense), has to be stopped before media momentum and so-called conventional wisdom anoint her to lose in the fall. Because it’s pretty clear she can’t win a national election. Why? 1) The GOP psychotics hate her guts, meaning they will unite behind whichever ghoul they nominate and wage unholy war. 2) A significant percentage of men just won’t vote for her because they’re misogynists. 3) Like Kerry, she simply won’t fight the real fight, because if Clintonism means anything it means being against the progressive/populist wing of the Democrat Party; they would much rather lose than let us barbarians take down their bond market ruling class masters.

After all, she hasn't put up a fight in the Senate for the eight years of the Bush Disaster.

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