Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mau-Mauing the Mao Mao

So the transsexual comedian, born female, says that (uh…) he took testosterone for a while, but it made him not want to talk about his feelings, and he just couldn’t square that with her former self. Welcome to the club, dude. Anyway, do you ever get the sense that we’re really bees, just doing what our chemicals command? (The question is: who is the queen?). Nobody but a sociobiologist wants to believe this, of course, and I don’t myself, but…. Especially with all the endocrinological disruption caused by the tens of thousands of untested chemicals we’ve introduced into the environment, and hence ourselves.

“They sell those little red books at Ikea,” said a guy leaving the Film Forum Friday night after Godard’s essay cartoon agitprop cinema Melies truth for fiction children of Mao and Coca-Cola movie, Les Chinoise. I don’t think this was said ironically, which made it pretty damn ironic. The print was a thing of beauty, the rigorous color coming across as fresh as yesterday. Even Anne W., usually so simpering, looked tres chic. What a document of its times. Summer camp for the deluded.

The Palisades looked spectacular yesterday morning. Splotches of red amid the green, the purple sheer face of bare rock. Fall is late this year, but it is. Meanwhile, at Croton Point: osprey, red tail, kestrel, northern harrier. Raptor rapture. And this rock, which seems to be sandstone with some iron in it, and a heart of gold.

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