Friday, October 12, 2007


Fall! Honest-to-goodness autumn has arrived, actual let-my-hair-down-wear-my-leather- jacket fall. Halle-fricking-lujah! Not only did I have to put on a jacket this evening, I had to zip it up! True, the woman in hat and mittens I saw on Remsen St. was overdoing it, but mosquito killing season has most definitely arrived.
The sharecropper came to look at my backyard this morning. She’s plotting a micro-farm spread around the city and I offered my space for the project. A wise friend sent me the link, knowing I would love the idea. And the Sharecropper is an absolute delight. I gave her a spoonful of Fort Green Apiary honey, for she was visiting from some barbarous town called Boston and needed the energy to survive Brooklyn’s myriad wonders.

Brooklyn ramble tomorrow. Did I say how much I love fall? We will be passing this:
and maybe I'll get a more recent photo since this one's a month old.

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