Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birds, both kinds

What is it about women and bicycles? (A random sample grabbed from the Sartorialist). Tonight, there were three in the Union Square area, either pushing their bikes on the sidewalk (extra points right there) or locking them up. Is it the healthy, virtuous glow? The straddling? Something confident about it, that’s for sure.

The other day, a golden-crowned kinglet, one of our smallest birds, was nonchalantly standing on the Stamford Station platform as we reverse commuters poured out of the 8:58. An older woman stepped over it, thought better of it, and turned around to scoot it away. It flew, and looked fine. I find kinglets particularly bold. Birds are moving through, heading south before the onslaught of winter (they still work on pre-global warming clocks): a hermit thrush surprised me in Thompkins Square Park on Sunday. And in Stammy, house finches were making mock of the Time Warner bunker. Up to Croton Point this weekend to look for some more and scour the haunted shoreline of the Hudson.

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