Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ah, the reprobates, retirees, kibitzers, and old duffers who hang out at the Film Forum during the daylight hours, let me count the ways! “That’s E.G. Marshall” piped in one septuagenarian today when a very, very young Marshall had a walk-on in The House on 92nd Street. “Consider that a warning,” said the fellow in front of me when one character tells another to keep his nose clean in The Dark Corner. OK, admittedly, I snorted aloud when J. Edgar Hoover showed up at the beginning of House. This double feature was so-so: Dark Corner was appropriately atmospheric, and had a nice plot, but the lead was a chucklehead, and Lucille Ball never did anything for me. House was pure FBI propaganda, not noir at all.

Tonight, I'm off to the co-op to chip off another little piece of my heart (baby!), because the Cooperator will probably be on the job. At least my ear has subsided. Remind me not to be stung on the ear again.

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