Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a political digression

The July/August issue of the Brooklyn Rail originally had a picture of Leon Ferrari’s “La Civilizacion Occidental y Christiana” on the cover. This mixed media portrayed a crucified Christ on the underside of a USAF jet. (When I was a little warhead of a youth, I probably could have identified this plane, an F-something, easily.) The publication is elusive, but I found some copies the other day at the Film Forum. Same issue, different cover: a photo of Richard Serra’s sinuous “Sequence.” Did somebody complain?

I like the Rail and have contributed to it. Considering that most of it is insider baseball about the art scene, I really hope they didn't bow to pressure from Christers claiming the ownership of this particular iconography. And it's a good thing that nasty little man Ghouliani has gone on to bigger and better consulting gigs. This morning, I was reminded of his mayoral jihad against community gardens. Community freaking gardens! Man, what an a-hole! Yes, this is certainly the man to be President, the President of Hell.

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