Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Update

First really warm night that I’ve been in the city for this summer. It’s taken a while to get here, let’s hope it doesn’t last. I went to see Sicko tonight. I’m already a social democrat, but more on that here at my secret commonwealth. Friday, I saw the Venice and the Islamic World at the Met. Caught it just before closing and I’m glad I did. Wonderful portraits by Bellini, an amazing woodblock print of Cairo, fascinating interactions in art, design, architecture, etc. So much blah-blah about the global economy, when it’s been global for a very long time, though the systems of economic exchange obviously mutates (now it’s capital footloose and fancy-free and leaving a path of devastation). Why, upstairs in the new Greek & Roman wing’s mezzanine, there’s all that Baltic amber the Etrusci liked so much a thousand years before Venice was trading with the east.

Yesterday, I joined with OOMFC on a trip to Coney. Ate a Nathan’s dog after waiting nearly half an hour in line (about a dozen people in front of us to start with), so I guess you can’t call it fast food. Good thing I’m not inflicted with that disease nostalgia. Meanwhile, the unbelievably crappy condition of the boardwalk is a lawsuit in the making…oh, it’s already created half a dozen.

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