Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day

I’ve been away, catching some bluefish off of Dionis and the Second Point of Coatue. Damn, they are tasty off the grill! On the way back, we stopped off to see the wooden boat show in Mystic. Some beautiful use of wood in evidence. Yesterday, I was on about half a dozen boats, only one of them actually moving.

Did you see that full moon last night?

I heard my sunflowers enjoyed some tremendous rainfall last week. Not a drop of it travelled up the coast to us. Now I'm back to city life. One birthday to celebrate this week, possibility of an appearance by the fabulous SM from the other coast, and a visit by my Favorite Canadian.


catherine said...

Favourite Canadian? Surely there's more than one!

Matthew said...

Too true! When I was a lad in Toronto, I had a crush on Magaret Trudeau.

catherine said...

Do you know photographer Larry Towell (hope the link works...)

Matthew said...

Nyet. Sounds like an interesting character, though. But "sharecropping" in 2007?