Wednesday, June 6, 2007


now we know that the torture methods employed by the US under orders of Bush et al. (as the indictment should read) were the same ones the US once deplored when practiced by the Soviet Union during the cold war. These were crimes when done by others then, they are crimes when done by the U.S. now. The fascist wet dreams epitomized by “Jack Bauer,” heart-throb of most of the GOP candidates (baring actually tortured McCain) -- and they call themselves “Christians”! -- are really the point of torture: complete and utter power over the victims, plus vengeance. The contempt shown for humanity thus manifested is akin to the contempt shown by suicide bombers, and parallel to the totalitarian contempt for democracy manifested by Bush, Cheney, their creatures and other supporters.
Herzog: My Best Fiend. Finally saw this love story, the relationship between an obsessive filmmaker and his blond whale of a star…. Meanwhile, a clip of Nosferatu in it reminded me how beautiful Isabelle Adjani is (I’d suck her blood any ol' day). Now, when did Werner abandon his so German, so 70s, mustache?

Behind me in the Film Forum, two women were talking about dud boyfriends. As I descended into the subway afterwards, two other women were talking about “breakup stalking.” Sometimes I think I’m the odd man out because I’m a bachelor, but statistics put me in good company.
A feral cat is shitting in two of my garden pots. So much for Barky, the one-eyed dog.
Dinner note: sunchokes are quite good sliced thinly and crisped up in butter and olive oil.

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