Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I think I’d be better under a system of sleeping together first and figuring out if we like each other later. Just to get all that out of the way.... The other night at the movies with the Anthropologist, our second date, I kept thinking too much. Nothing came natural to me. I pulled out a twenty to pay for a ticket and wondered if I should offer to buy her one, too. I didn’t bring it up, and I also didn’t just buy two tickets as a fait accompli, one she could have either accepted or paid me back for right then and there. The whole miserable issue of money makes me conscious of the fact of the whole miserable issue of money: not buying her a ticket, I felt cheap. Ditto the ice-cream afterwards. Hanging out after the movie, under shelter from the rain, I felt like I had nothing much to say. Then there was the usual awkwardness of the goodbye.

The other day, the Italian, in the context of talking to another friend about a third party’s romantic difficulties, said that what women want is simple: they want to be adorned and to know they are adored. At the time, I thought the sentiment rather Mediterranean, but of course she has a point. I want to be adored, too. Who doesn’t want to be adored? Adored: from the Latin adorare, to speak, to pray, more at oration.
Today was the first CSA distribution of the year: two different lettuces, asparagus, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, oregano, pepper cress, and black beans. New space: a very mildewy church, really constricted compared to the last place. Asparagus and some of the sunchokes churned into risotto for dinner along with big salad.

Lesser Herzog: Wild Blue Yonder, although the shots of astronauts in slow float, where there is no up and down, and the under ice scenes, were transporting.

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