Saturday, June 2, 2007

And not a drop to drink

This is the missing dedication plaque on the Highbridge Water Tower in Northern Manhattan. Walked the length of HIghbridge Park from 155th to Dyckman with a geologist today. Lots of schist of course, with some seams of feldspar running through it, including a nice pink one, and the occasional erratic. Masses of poison ivy about as well, and plenty of red mulberries. I tried one of the last: it was perfectly ripe and delicious. I've zoomed by this area many times on the Bronx side, via the Major Degan and Metro North, and then cut through on 95 which goes under four highrises and the PABT before opening wide over the Hudson on the GWB, but never in my 14 years in NYC have I been in the park itself. That's been remedied. Hot as blazes but still cool. I'll post another picture or two of the public works of days gone by. Didn't make it to the OCA trail, so I be glad to go back.

On 155th and Amsterdam, you can see both the Harlem and the Hudson rivers; the ridge is Manhattan's continental divide. Wanted to get into Trinity Cemetery because there's a mausoleum with the family name on it. That makes me curious. It's not the most common name in graveyards.

Here's some trivia for you: what's the northern-most street on Manhattan Island? (Not including Marble Hill). It's weird is what it is.

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