Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Perels of Wisdom

“Modern relationships are cauldrons of contradictory longings: safety and excitement, grounding and transcendence, the comfort of love and the heat of passion. We want it all, and we want it with one person. Reconciling the domestic and the erotic is a delicate balancing act that we achieve intermittently at best. It requires knowing your partner while recognizing his persistent mystery; creating security while remaining open to the unknown; cultivating intimacy that respects privacy. Separateness and togetherness alternate, or proceed in counterpoint. Desire resists confinement, and commitment must swallow freedom whole.” -- Esther Perel

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knithound bkln said...

I read the book too. Actually, I listened to the book on my iPod while commuting to work over a 2 week span. I thought it was fantastic. Now, if you are not married, I wonder how you would stumble across this one?

I enjoy your blog. You are a good writer. And you have some cool interests! Thanks.