Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring in my toes

Under "View My Completely Unreliable Profile," you’ll see a quote from Beckett that I obviously really like. Today that sentiment was made literal: I had a free bench in my little neighborhood park under the strong ray of the sun. Needed that ray; it was cold when the clouds passed. I listened to the Magnetic Fields and Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions (this sentence would not make it into Perec's A Void). I watched the Pass: the women, the children, the dogs. Three of my favorite things. Reading, I came across this from John Ashbery:

Spring is the most important of the seasons.
It’s here even when it’s not here.
All the other seasons are an excuse for it.
Spring, idle spring,
you poor excuse for summer –
Did they tell you where they mislaid you,
on which arterial road piercing the city,
fast and faster like breath?

Now, if I could just make that quote figurative as well.

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