Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Last night, on the same block as that sheep’s head, was my monthly discussion group. We meet in a relatively empty bar, my favorite kind, and discuss topics supposedly unconventional, outré, daring; sometimes they actually are, but mostly I like exercising my brain and voice and hearing what people have to say. Last night’s topic was the future evolution of humanity and/or the planet. It’s a facilitated event. We sat in the garden for several hours, before the chill sent us back inside. Strangely, the bar’s napkins last night had the Yale logo on them, complete with “lux et veritas,” light and truth. My alma mater’s motto’s was “fiat lux,” let there be light, dude; but the Gothick typeface they used made it look like “flat lux.” I paid off those paint manufacturers years ago.

Updating the Situations:
a) for the second time, I thought the Composer had abandoned me. She e-mailed me on Saturday, I read the e-mail Sunday morning and responded; she never responded to that (was it something I said?). So I dropped a note this morning. You know me, I like resolution. Felt for sure I wouldn’t hear back from her, but voila, she’s still interested. Pretty good excuse (considering, afterall, that I’ve never met her): she’s a key figure in a week-long event that begins this weekend. (Boy this anonymity makes things convoluted.) We’ll probably get together next week.
b) meanwhile, the Poet is in town next week. Never rains but it… doesn’t snow either? (Six years of Bushling and we can’t even remember the clichés.)
c) and my drink with the Science Teacher last week was enjoyable, but I don’t think much is going to happen there.

I got an email this evening from a friend who is moving back to town. I was just thinking about her today. I even like her little dog, and I don't usually like those tiny things. Welcome back, PN.

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