Saturday, March 10, 2007

BBG Spring

In the Brooklyn Botanic Garden all day today, attending the 25th annual Making Brooklyn Bloom: Garden-Wise Greening: Growing Healthy Soil, Food & Community. Joan Dye Gussow was the featured speaker; she gave a fantastic talk on the vital importance of local food, both growing your own and supporting local farmers.

These were the first bees I've seen this year. I don't know what this cute little purple flower is, but spring has sprung, timidly. There were crows, starlings, cardinals, and white throated sparrows in evidence, and then suddenly a dozen fat-bellied robins policing the softening ground. Yes, spring sidles into the borough.


Traci said...

I think the cute purple flower is a crocus. I'm enjoying the Bachelor musings.

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

Yes, crocus seems to be the consensus. In the wild, the non-hybridized ones bloom in the fall.

Thanks for your kind words, Traci.