Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Kiwi mosaic at AMNH-inspired subway stop at 81st/CPW.


mangocheeks said...

I am impressed. The last time i was immpressed by mosaic art was actually at a subway when I was in France - I think the subway was 'Bastille'. If only all subways looked like this. I live near Glasgow and occasionally the underground dubbed as 'Orange Clockwork' not as pretty, though attempts are being made with generic posters.

Matthew said...

This may be one of the best stations in the NYC system. North-bound is all mosaic of animals: extinct ones in a sort of off-white style, with living relatives in color like the kiwi. Downstairs the south-bound track is lined with live-scale reproduction fossils.

Nature ID said...

Love kiwis. Only wish we could have seen one while in NZ.