Sunday, April 18, 2010

In cemeteries

In New North Cemetery, I did a double-take, you can be sure. Someone’s death date. My birth date.

I gather this is the spouse of the famous Owen Chase, mate on the Essex, whose book was one of the real life sources for Moby Dick.

In the "Colored Cemetery." “Relict” means widow, but how odd to be reduced to that. "AE 110" I’m not sure about. Lucy Cooper was stolen from Africa and sold in South Carolina. She made it to Nantucket in 1830.

"Rounded with a sleep" this one quotes, and a welcome addition to the rather confined vernacular of tombstone style, but still, it looks like a manhole cover. Which I suppose it ultimately is.

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Ali B. said...

I'm enjoying the historical perspective... I am especially fond of cemeteries. Today I pedaled past a newly built one in a very old & quiet peninsular area. It was sparse but very timeless looking. Makes me happy to know that NEWLY built does not have to look so new.