Sunday, March 7, 2010

When in doubt, frittata!

I used fregola for this, along with eggs, cheese, mushrooms, and a bit of ham. Fregola or fregula is a Sardinian-style of semolina pasta: it's small, roughly pea-sized, roundish, and toasted, but you still boil it. It's toothsome. I think it works particularly well with salads, and something like this, where left-over pasta finds its apotheosis. Speaking of left-overs, the above is left-over, and the lurid green stuff is what remains of the whipped peas. (Hey, they're peas, they love being whipped. I'd be a sadist if I didn't whip them.) Blended with cream, butter, S&P, and some mustard.


Ali B. said...

Especially tasty post-absinthe?

Matthew said...

Especially tasty.