Monday, March 15, 2010


I’m an old fetishist: I still like books as objects. The clothbound copy of Brad Leithauser’s A Few Corrections An Investigation A novel, which is a delightful excursion into the dubious terrain of family history, has this frog embossed on the front: My copy is a rental from the library. It's a first edition, 2001. The paper cover is wrapped in one of those plastic book sleeve condoms, but I just happened to look underneath. Peeper that I am! A frog is mentioned in the novel, but pretty obscurely, I think. Unless I’m missing the whole point of the thing, it's definitely not all that relevant, but I love the detail. It reminds me of the crazy penguins on the Penguin Angela Carter paperbacks. This is an Alfred A. Knopf book, they of the leaping borzoi (see some of the logos over time here) -- old school, my Dog, the book is even edited!

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