Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birthdays in December are tough

A tiny knife necklace made by Brooklyn Flea regular Erica Weiner. Although, judging from her small studio on Chrystie Street, which was a busy little space, it could have been put together by one of her very charming elves.

Here it is "wrapped":
This in a wee Bonne Maman jam jar I found in the back of the fridge. When E. was visiting Bruce Springsteen in the Meadowlands a while back, we met up (sans Bruce) on the High Line for an autumn picnic. She was leaving for the airport soon after, so I got the extra cheese and the strawberry jam to bring back home. Only this morning, as I finished off the jam (as I say, it was in the back of fridge) did I realize it would make a good gift box. The larger sized jars I've used in the past for wine glasses and, with the top, salad dressing shakers.

UPDATE: Inquiring minds what to know what the yellowy stuff is. It is some kind of felt I found in my pile of use-this-later.

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